Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate 4.0.3

Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate 4.0.3

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Advanced DHTML Popup is a powerful HTML Popup window creator that works in a WYSIWYG way and produces cross browser HTML Popup windows and hover ads without any knowledge of HTML/Javascript. The product uses an intuitive interface to design and customize the html popup window and has a simple method of compiling and attaching the created HTML popup to your web pages. Advanced DHTML Popup allows you to create easily an html popup that slides in your web pages, an HTML popup that drops down, or HTML popup that appear on mouseover or other events on the webpage. The HTML Popup windows produced by the product are cross-browser and users can customize the look and presence of the popup, the time they will appear to the visitor, or whether the visitor can close, move or resize the html popup. The main aim of using such an HTML popup is to attract the attention of your visitors and advertise products or services, but keep the annoyance to your visitor at an absolute minimum. The purpose of an HTML popup as it appears inside the web page and not as part of the operating system is to inform your visitors and not annoy them. This is the easiest and most unobtrusive way to increase your web site's conversion rates.


Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate är en Shareware programvara i den kategorin Diverse utvecklats av Digital Flow Software.

Den senaste versionen av Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate är 4.0.3, släppt på 2014-11-14. Det lades ursprungligen till vår databas på 2011-07-04.

Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate körs på följande operativsystem: Windows.

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